Training in session!

Training in session!

Wednesday 05 June 2019

This week is training time in our Nutek Europe office! Service engineers from our agents, Amtech, ICCO and W&S Benelux have joined us for technical training on board handling and laser marking.

During the training the following subjects are discussed :

– Basic functionality of the equipment.
– Which components are used for which function
– Understanding electrical schematics.
– Functionality of the in,- and outputs.

– Structure PLC software
– How to modify PLC software
– Software functionality
– How to up and download
– How to fault find in the software

No training session is complete without hands on experience!

By means of practice the trainees will improve their technical skills on Nutek equipment and feel more confident during service visits

During the course there is enough time to test software modifications made.
To top the training off the trainees have a fault finding session on both soft,- and hardware.

If you would like to be part of the next training session please feel free to contact Rob van der Gaag by email ( ) to be informed when we have a new session planned.
Training sessions are free of charge (only lodging and travelling costs for attendees). Sessions will usually take 2,5 days per subject.