Laser marking a label!?

Laser marking a label!?

Sunday 26 March 2017

In the past, customers have had to choose between direct part marking a PCB using a laser source or print & apply a label.
Many preferred the direct marking based on the lower running
costs and process reliability. However there were always few products which were not suitable to be laser etched for various reasons forcing you to purchase a label placement machine instead of the preferred laser marking system.

The new revolutionary Nutek LMC-S3 with label feeder and applicator is the answer to the above dilemma!!

We have incorporated a label feeder and applicator nozzle into our standard laser marking cell (LMC-S3). With the use of heat resistant laser printable labels the Nutek LMC-S3 with label feeder and applicator will give you ultimate flexibility;
Option 1) Laser mark the PCB using the CO2 or fiber laser source.
Option 2) First apply a label which immediately after placement is marked using the laser source.
Option 3) Combination of direct marking and label marking is also possible per product.

To reduce the impact on the cycle-time we have fitted the label feeder and applicator on the X-Y gantry, next to the laser source. While marking the label on the PCB and repositioning the gantry a new blank label is transferred from the label feeder to the applicator ready to be applied when new position is reached.
No initial label requirements, but want to be flexible for possible future requirements? No Problem, the Nutek LMC-S3 can be electrically and mechanically prepared so that the label feeder and applicator can be retrofitted on-site at a later date.

For more details on this unique traceability solution you may contact your local agent or one of our area sales managers.