New partnership with CORE-emt A/S

New partnership with CORE-emt A/S

Friday 17 April 2020

Nutek Europe chooses new partnership with CORE-emt A/S
in Scandinavia, Finland and Baltic countries

Nutek, incorporated in 1989 is a leading supplier of automated Handling- and Trace ability equipment for the PCB assembly and Semicon industry is pleased to announce that it has intensified its partnership with CORE-emt A/S.

As of March 1st 2020 CORE-emt A/S will represent Nutek equipment in Scandinavia, Finland and the Baltic countries.

Willy Soomers, Area Sales Manager at Nutek Europe BV happily state: ‘At Nutek we always aim to contribute to the success of our customers, and we believe due to CORE-emt’s capability of offering excellent complete line solutions and providing full-service support by their inhouse service team, Nutek has found the perfect partner to increase the presence of Nutek PCB handling and Trace ability equipment in the above-mentioned region’ Willy Soomers explains and add
‘We are not diving into unknown waters as we’ve always had a good relationship with CORE-emt. Ever since the company was founded back in 2011, we have been working successfully together on several projects over the last 9 years.
We are very excited to expand and extend our cooperation with CORE-emt to include the whole of Scandinavia, Finland and Baltic countries.’

Nutek looks forward to a successful and longstanding partnership with CORE-emt.

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Willy Soomers
Area Sales Manager at Nutek Europe BV
T +31 (0)162 578 575
M +31 (0)654 603 429

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