To ensure a worry-free use in the years ahead all 2nd user machines are completely refurbished by our well-qualified service engineers before dispatch.

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Scan station

NTM 600SC YEAR: 2009 Scan station Scan station Scan station Scan station Scan station
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This unit integrates the ‘Adomo’ (Advanced Optical Modulation) system from the company MODI. This system enables the inspection of large areas with high resolution and short cycle times using stepper controlled mirror heads within the Adomoo module. One of the applications is the scanning of 1D/2D codes at multiple positions.  The camera field of view can deflect from one position to another with an accuracy of 1 µm within just a few milliseconds.  Depending on the application, the system can be equipped with an Adomo unit at the top or bottom side. Interface to your MES will be provided on request.

Machine specifications:
Fixed rail: front
Direction of flow: left to right
Transferheight: 950 ±25mm
Interface: SMEMA

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