To ensure a worry-free use in the years ahead all 2nd user machines are completely refurbished by our well-qualified service engineers before dispatch.

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NTM 910TVL YEAR: 1999 Traverser Traverser Traverser Traverser Traverser
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This 2nd user machine is in a good condition as shown on the provided pictures.
The unit is configured to seperate good and bad boards after a tester. The boards enter the Traverser at the rear side, good boards transfer straight ahead while bad boards traverse to the front side and transfer out backwards.
Traversing distance: max 530mm
PCB width: 50 – 407mm
PCB length: 80 – 457mm
Machine length: 500mm
Machine depth: 1380mm

Machine specifications:
Fixed rail: front
Direction of flow: left to right
Transferheight: 950 ±25mm

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