Multi magazine line unloader L-type

The NTA 120U is a multi magazine line unloader with a 6 magazine capacity, 2 empty magazines are placed on the upper magazine conveyor, 1 magazine is on the servo driven lifter. A pneumatic pusher cylinder pushes the PCB out of the magazine to downstream. The lower magazine conveyor has a capacity for 3 full magazines. After a magazine is filled the magazine is automatically exchanged. This unloader has a reduced length as the magazine conveyors are positioned at a 90° angle. The 7” full colour touchscreen display allows easy operation on multiple user levels.


a nta120u multi magazine line unloader l type


> Servo driven lifter platform.
> 7” full colour touchscreen display.
> Advanced graphic Human Machine Interface (HMI).
> Multi level user acces control.
> In,- & Output diagnostics on touchscreen display.
> Flexible pitch settings.
> 2000 product recipes storage.
> 10 magazine recipes storage.
> Magazine unloading ‘top to bottom’ or ‘bottom to top’.
> Tailor made to the magazine of your choice.
> Automatic magazine alignment by upper and lower pneumatic clamping.
> High throughput with short magazine change over time.
> Regulated pressure on the pusher cylinder.
> Manually adjustable pusher position.
> Ethernet connection for network interface.
> Towerlight display for machine status.

a nta120u multi magazine line unloader l type tek

Technical drawing


  • IPC-HERMES-9852 communication.
  • Automatic product change-over by Nutek leader - follower software.
  • Line Control Software ready.
  • Automatic pusher positioning.
  • Remotely accessible PLC.
  • Safety shutter at PCB outlet
  • Increased magazine capacity.
  • Reduced magazine capacity
  • Width adjustable magazine conveyors to handle other magazine width.
  • Front-side magazine loading
  • Alarm buzzer
  • Other options available on request
Transfer height
950 mm ± 25 mm*
RAL 9002*
Flow direction
Left to right*
Fixed rail
Machine interface

Download our datasheet for more specifications.

a nta120u multi magazine line unloader l type
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